Kontola Feat. Mozelo Kidz Cover Art

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Chart Toppers In July 2024

Niffe 1 Niffe
305 Downloads | Afrobeat Music
Doozi 2 Doozi
231 Downloads | DanceHall Music
Ntyamu 3 Ntyamu
191 Downloads | RnB Music
Gimme More 4 Gimme More
184 Downloads | Afrobeat Music
 Tuli Baana 5 Tuli Baana
169 Downloads | Christian Dancehall Music
Kiwoowo 6 Kiwoowo
150 Downloads | Afrobeat Music
Bamutwaala 7 Bamutwaala
144 Downloads | Afrobeat Music
River 8 River
137 Downloads | Afrobeat Music
Ku Ground 9 Ku Ground
121 Downloads | Afrobeat Music
Ontisisa 10 Ontisisa
118 Downloads | Afrobeat Music

Song Details

its an hiphop song by Fik Fameica and Mozelo Kidz

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